Why Most Forex Traders Fail

You wanted to be a musician like Chris Brown or Beyoncé, or a successful businessman like Donald Trump, but along the way, your dream was deterred from attainment.

There are lots of reasons that could have led to this failure. Forex traders also have a desire to succeed in the Forex market in terms of their investment goals; considering that the Forex market is the easiest to reach and largest market on earth, with a net worth of over 4 trillion US dollars in transactions made daily.

This means that there are very many Forex traders in the Forex market, but few end up attaining success.

What are the reasons as to why many traders fail?

Fitting into the market

The question any Forex trader should have an answer to is, in case of any changes in the market, what do I do?

This is very important because it will cut down on risks concerning losses which they are unprepared for.

The Forex market changes every day, there is no guarantee that the current conditions will prevail tomorrow.

Most traders fail because they have rigid strategies which cannot be adjusted to the changing market.

To avoid this kind of failures, the traders should be on the lookout for means to benefit from the unpredictable market.

Why Most Forex Traders Fail

Expecting too much too soon

If you want to be successful in Forex trading then you have to have the virtue of patience. Even the 44th US president Barrack Obama started off as a community organizer in Chicago back in 1985 for three years.

Currency trading is a skill learnt over time and for you as a trader to amalgamate profits, you need to have your strategies reviewed from time to time.

You need to study the trends of the Forex exchange and know the margins within which you expect your profits to range.

No plan? No trade

As a trader, if you have no plan, don’t expect to succeed in online forex trading.

When making an investment, make a detailed plan inclusive of profit and loss margins, how to deal with risks and strategies in achieving success. Here are some strategies you can learn: Forex strategies

Food for thought: just don’t be the antelope among lions in the field; you want to eat grass, well and good, but put in mind the others want meat, and your investments look pretty fleshy.

But still, have a plan on how you are going to get your grass.

Uncontrolled Emotions

Forex exchange is all a mind game, some win some don’t. As a successful trader, you need to learn from your losses and not let them weigh you down.

Also don’t make rash decisions which are driven by emotions. What you intend to do should go through close scrutiny for any loopholes, consider and reconsider before investing, otherwise uncontrolled emotions might lead to decisions that could lead to more losses than reducing them.

It is important to know that you may undergo a streak of losses, and this could lead to emotional distress. All you need to do is find a strategy that works for you and detach your emotions completely from business.

No one will sympathize with you in the Forex market. The best way for a novice trader to start is using a Forex trading method like price action analysis.

This is basically making decisions related to Fx exchange starting from point zero heading upwards. This will help in making one decision at a time thus avoiding confusions and contradictions.

As you become acquainted with the ways of currency trading online, you may include some other pointers and tools to the price action analysis.

The Principle of Trial and Error

In as much as it is a way of learning currency trading, it is more risky and much, much costly.

It may help if you come up with an online Forex strategy, but considering the losses you’d have gone through; you’ll realize that you have made a lot of wastage.

The best way to learn the art of Currency trading online is to get in contact with another trader who already has knowledge of the Forex market.

You could learn in two ways; pay for the skills you are getting or interacting with your trade ‘teacher’ at a personal level and through this friendship, you will manage to get information that you require.

However this doesn’t end there. Create time while you are alone and get to learn by yourself and reinforce whatever knowledge your mentor offered.

In this manner, you will have avoided lots of losses that you’d have incurred while using the trial and error method.

Why Most Forex Traders Fail

Managing Money and Risks

This is another area where as a trader you need to be keen, otherwise the profits you make may not benefit you at all. As your currency trading account grows, have options on how you are going to invest or save.

A skilled trader will subdivide his account into smaller ones as risk reservoirs. He/she will then use a single account in Forex trading that involves ‘big’ risks whereas the other accounts are used in online Forex trades with caution.

This will also avoid embarrassments in case the trades you were involved in did not mature.

In addition to that, trading Forex requires that a trader uses stop loss orders as a strategy to curb risks. A stop loss order involves a trader and a broker in selling or purchasing a security at a designated price.

Therefore, as a trader venturing into currency trading online, ensure that you have a strategy to curb risks in the same way that you have strategies to garner profits.

Think of a situation where a soldier is out in the battlefield, as he is focusing on the enemy ahead, he has to keep looking back in case of an ambush from behind, or another soldier looking out for him for that matter.


There are several reasons why some traders in the Forex market are not able to succeed.

Some of the reasons include having no plan in online currency trading, incompetent ways of managing money and risks, finding it hard to fit into the market and involving their emotions in decision making.

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