Instaforex Broker Review



This Instaforex broker review will talk about its offerings.

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Instaforex is an ECN brokerage company renowned for providing qualitative trading services to its clients based all over the world.

Established in 2007, currently with over 3 000 000 individual and corporate clients in over 100 countries around the world, Instaforex is one of the best forex brokers with innovative features that aim to increase the user-experience of traders.

It’s no mere chance that more than 1 000 new traders sign-up for accounts at the company on a daily basis.

The company is headquartered in Kaliningrad, Russia, with over 260 representative offices all over the world.

Although Instaforex calls itself the leading broker in Asia, traders from all over the world are welcome to trade with it and will be impressed at the top-notch broker services it provides.


In this Instaforex broker review, we found out it is a highly credible broker you can bank on to take care of your forex trading needs. The company is a part of Instaforex Companies Group, which is a group of financial and investment companies that provide online trading services to its clients.

The top broker is regulated by the Russian Association of Financial Market Members (RFMM).

RFMM is a noncommercial, independent regulatory organization that brings together financial companies in Russia and addresses any emerging issues between brokers and their clients.

Trading Platform

Instaforex offers the innovative trading platform, InstaTrader, which is based on the Metatrader 4 trading platform.

The easy-to-use software is free, including its MultiTerminal and Mobile version.

Instaforex has taken the innovative features of the acclaimed and popular Metatrader 4 and tailored them to meet the needs of its clients.

The broker also offers the robust Metatrader 5 to clients.

Some of the exciting features of the InstaTrader trading platform include:

  • Orders execution by “Instant Execution” technology (transactions are executed immediately, within the second)
  • Precise quotations for the major currency pairs, crosses and world stock indexes
  • Technical and fundamental analysis tools available
  • Major economic announcements, market reviews are provided
  • Ability to run forex robots and expert advisors
  • Availability of various analytical tools such as Fibonacci calculator and pivot points calculator,
  • Presence of more than fifty in-built indicators and tools to help in easing the process of analysis
  • Useful interface in more than ten languages
  • High level security of funds

Instaforex Account Types


Account type

Insta.Standard Insta.Eurica Cent.Standard Cent.Eurica
Deposit currency EUR, USD EUR, USD USD Cents, EUR Cents USD Cents, EUR Cents
Minimum deposit 1 USD 1 USD 1 USD 1 USD
Maximum deposit Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Spreads 3-7 0 3-7 0
Fee 0 0.03%-0.07% 0 0.03%-0.07%
Minimal deal 0.01 of the lot 0.01 of the lot 0.10 of the lot (equivalent of 0.0001 market lot) 0.10 of the lot (equivalent of 0.0001 market lot)
Maximal deal 10000 lots 10000 lots 10000 lots 10000 lots
Leverage 1:1-1:1000 1:1-1:1000 1:1-1:1000 1:1-1:1000
Margin for locks 25% 25% 25% 25%
Margin call 30% 30% 30% 30%
Stop out 10% 10% 10% 10%
Interest rate 5% 5% 5% 5%

Instaforex provides various account types to its customers according to their tastes and preferences in trading.

In spite of the account type you select, you will be able to access the best trading conditions as outlined in other sections of this forex broker review.

The different account types the best forex broker offers are designed to provide the best trading conditions to its customers based on their background and style of trading.

It is important to note that the trading accounts vary due to their method of accounting spreads and commissions, which are selected by the client when signing up for an account with the company.

These are the account types Instaforex offers:

1.Insta.Standard trading account:

This account is tailor-made for traders who want standard trading terms in the foreign exchange market.The notable feature of this account is that it allows orders to be executed at no fee.

After a trader has accessed all the trading tools, he or she pays a fixed spread when executing an order in his or her trading platform.

This account is convenient for all types of traders. And, it enables orders to be executed with a classical spread without incurring any costs.

The main benefit of Insta.Standard account is its university. This implies that a trader can alter the trading leverage and carry out transactions with any deposit rate he or she is comfortable with.

The features of the Insta.Standard account enable traders to work with Micro Forex (minimum deposit of 1-10 USD), Mini Forex (minimum deposit of 100 USD), and Standard Forex (minimum deposit of 1000 USD).

2. Insta.Eurica trading account:

This account type does not need any spread to be paid when executing an order in the trading platform.

The notable feature of this account type is that for most currency pairs, the spreads are zero. This means that the bid price and the ask price are the same.

It is of essence to note that the offered price is usually higher than the bid price by half of the standard spread for any particular trading instrument.

And, the offered price is often rounded up to its integral value because of some technical oddness that exists in the MT4 trading terminal.

The difference between the ask price and the bid price is what enables a chart to be plotted on the trading platform.

The Insta.Eurica trading account is best suited for those beginning to trade the forex market, as it enables them to execute orders using more methods.

In addition, it can also be used by experienced traders, since its trading qualities are similar to those of Insta.Standard account type.

3. Cent.Standard and Cent.Eurica trading accounts:

These account types are designed for newbies in the forex market and for those who want to try trading strategies with minimal risks.

On the Cent.Standard and Cent.Eurica trading accounts, Micro Forex is available with the lot volume of 0.0001 of the market lot (the lot cost is 0.1 US cent).

Besides the availability of the smallest allowed deal volume of 0.0001 of the market lot, traders using these account types are able to access similar trading conditions as those of Insta.Standard and Insta.Eurica.

The only limitation for operating Cent.Standard and Cent.Eurica trading accounts is restriction of the maximum deposit allowed.

Therefore, if you are an experienced trader, it is advisable you go for the other account types.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Instaforex allows the following forms of withdrawals and deposits:

  • Instaforex Mastercard
  • Webmoney
  • e-Gold
  • RuPay
  • Paypal
  • e-Bullion
  • Skrill (previously Moneybookers)
  • Yandex.dengi
  • Rubles Bank
  • Liberty Reserve
  • Wire transfer

Trading Bonus

Instaforex top broker provides different types of trading bonuses to clients:

  • $1000 STARTUP Bonus (No Deposit Bonus):  With this bonus, you don’t have to deposit any funds before starting to trade.
  • 30% Bonus: You’ll get a bonus of 30% every time you make new deposits, regardless of the number of times.
  • Club Bonus: Instaforex club card holders are entitled to 30% to 40% bonus on every account replenishment, together with other exciting privileges.
  • 55% Bonus: You can earn up to 55% bonus on every deposit.
  • 100% LFC Partnership Bonus: Instaforex is celebrating its partnership with the legendary Liverpool FC by offering clients 100% bonus on first deposit.
  • 250% Bonus:This exciting bonus allows you to earn 250% bonus on first deposit.

It is at the discretion of the client to choose a bonus type that best meets his or her requirements.

Customer Service

Instaforex has distinguished itself as one of the best forex brokers in the industry in terms of offering quality service to its customers and responding to their needs in the shortest time possible.

The broker has an adequately staffed multi-lingual support team that operates in over 20 languages.

Instaforex support department can be reached round-the-clock through e-mail, phone, or live chart 24/5.

Some Recent Awards and Recognitions

  • Best Social Trading Broker, 2016, by UK Forex Awards
  • Best ECN Broker Eastern Europe, 2016, by Global Business Outlook
  • Best Forex Broker in Asia, 2016, by IAIR Awards
  • Best Forex Mobile Application, 2015, by ShowFx World
  • Best Forex Broker, 2015, by European CEO Awards

Other Services

  • It has the PAMM (Percentage Allocation Management Module) account type, which allows traders to trade for others and share the profits
  • It offers segregated accounts (for accounts of $100,000 or more)
  • It offers Islamic swap-free accounts
  • It has more than 300 trading symbols (including many fx pairs, CFDs and futures)
  • No “padded swap rates” on regular non-swap-free accounts
  • Several contests and lucrative giveaways such as money and stylish cars
  • It provides copy trading feature to traders
  • It provides demo account for unlimited period of time


If you want to conquer new trading heights by having a good broker that is highly credible, puts the needs of its customers first, provides robust and easy-to-use trading conditions, and doesn’t relent in providing quality services, then you better choose the services of Instaforex, as illustrated in this broker review.

And, you can start trading with as little as $10.

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70 Responses to "Instaforex Broker Review"

  1. borris says:

    instaforex is an ECN broker that have been awards with so many awards showing that they are reliable and best among the best. I have been with them since 2013 and still stick with instaforex as trader and also as their signal provider for forexcopy program. I got an information that instaforex has reach 7 million trader that register an account with them and this is a good achievement showing that everyone believe with instaforex. Their instatrader platform is a good to use and always in a best condition. I can trade without any problem occurred and I love their execution speed that fast to take all the orders from me. Deposit and withdrawal always on time and I’m using local depositor as method of payment because it is easy to keep in touch with local depositor. Bonus they give is worth to claim and bonus also support my margin. Thanks instaforex for this great service!

  2. Amavitafx says:

    Trading with InstaForex is very easy. I am their client for more then one year and till now I am pleased with their constant improving of the trading conditions. The platforms MetaTrader 4 and 5 work both with fast execution of trades and real time prices. A plus of this broker is that they don’t manipulate the prices during volatility times, as I encountered with other brokers. I have a Insta.Standard account with a first deposit of 500$. I applied for the 250% welcome bonus so that I start to trade with more money. During my trading sessions I use also Autochartist, which is a nice tool. I trade major currency pairs EUR/USD, USD/CHF, USD/CAD,GBP/EUR, exotic pairs EUR/DKK, EUR/NOK, commodities such as Sugar and Coffee, Gold and Bitcoin. I made a really nice profit trading Bitcoin in the past months with almost 4k$. But my average profit is around 1200$. I recommend the broker, because is honest and has transparent fee policy.

  3. Richard says:

    thank god I meet Instaforex, it has been 10 months with them I never encountered any issues with them. I worked with demo account for 1 months and after that I opened standard account with swap free. I still remember that, my initial capital was a 500 USD. By right, trading activity was good and I will continuously using their Mt4 platform. I always use pending orders and set the take profit and stop loss with 1:3 risk rewards. It really worked and help me to reduce the risk of losses. I definitely used GBP/USD to trade and focus on the pair at this moment. I don’t have to worry much about their spread because instaforex offered fixed spread from 3 pips especially for major currency pairs. I am planning to use their ForexCopy system to gain more money with instaforex. Thanks!!

  4. Joona says:

    InstaForex has good customer support with many languages spoken. It’s easy to communicate with customer support. They are quite polite and answer all my questions with great attitude. There were times that InstaForex questioned my identity by declining my documents. Thanks to the Online support for the quick assistance. I can happily say this is one of the most friendly broker I’ve ever worked with.

  5. Marina says:

    I make regular and stable profits with this broker. I find them reliable and secure, plus their customer support is really nice and helpful. I am a successful PAMM trader and receive invesments on a regular basis, so I never have to trade with my own capital.

  6. Judy says:

    My friend told me about InstaForex, I have been trading with them for a few months now. I have a good spread and EA that scalps many pips, so far no issues or slippage problems. I made some money and withdrew and got money back next day to my credit card, also I have been pleased with their speed. Live chat and customer service are nice and helpful, I can contact them anytime. I will update later if I have issues but so far I have liked this broker much. I will recommend to all of my friends.

  7. Starting From the Forex life they helped me by learning and earning. I have been trading without any problem since 2013 and average earn 500$ per month. So I can rate them as a professional broker! Because their manager is very friendly and always ready to help and resolve any possible issues. They are dealing with their clients in a very professional way and are easy to get in touch with, no delay in the communication. I feel great such kind of positive experience with them.

  8. Rishka says:

    Opened an account with them recently, everything has been great so far. Customer support is pretty good. I’m glad they keep their promises

  9. Erik Mun says:

    InstaForex is amazing, they are the best broker in Asia. One of their superiority is the rate that they provide. InstaForex does not charge a commission, so that clients do not have to pay more, if open transactions of more than a few hours. I am very satisfied with all that they give and will not leave this broker.

  10. khalsh says:

    InstaForex – Good spread. User friendly platform. Good service. I’m satisfied.

  11. Feryd says:

    Good broker so far! It has a very stable platform, good spreads and a nice support team.

  12. SaucerForex says:

    So far so good broker. Spreads are reasonable. They have a unique web platform. It makes trading more convenient, now I can place and execute trades when I commute. Response times are pretty good for queries. Wires go back and forth very quickly, that’s definitely important. Keep it up

  13. SinanTuylu says:

    This is a broker when you can use all the strategy you want to use, account in cent and micro lots are a very good advantage for new traders.From InstaForex Trading made me a lot of money and I also gained more confidence.

  14. Edward says:

    InstaForex is quite good client cabinet, I trade this broker a few day with the no deposit bonus and have no problem. My account is micro account so I feel this spread so high. I need some day for test withdraw system.

  15. TerrFX says:


  16. Jay says:

    They have a lot of bonus programs to offer convenient for all. Every time for funded account.

  17. AnaCarinnapip says:

    I like to trade with InstaForex because I find there all what I need for my daily trading, especially good tools, such as analysis, forecasts and all educational material for free. Its reps from support team are amazing, very professional and polite every time I request for something.

  18. dang#kara says:

    The minimum account size of this broker is very affordable. They also have a very tight spreads, and they always update their trading system monthly. I don’t have a problem with them because they never imposed new rules every time I earned substantial amount. The verification is too easy where my documents were accepted less than an hour. I also heard that this company allowed clients to borrow money from the investors in PAMM account.

  19. InstaForex services is easy and the best among others broker I have seen. They have nice MT5 platform, super-fast transactions and good spreads. They also provide services that exceed my expectations. No stop loss or take profit order distance restrictions.

  20. Cargo says:

    I have used multiple brokers and none have compared to InstaForex. The execution times are fast when placing a trade. Also the trade pricing is good because they do not charge extra for a lot of shares which is nice for day trading. And the platform is free if you open an account with them which is also a plus. They also have good customer service.

  21. Expdigger says:

    wonderful broker. Its websites are much better than others, which provide all information you need for comparison. Some others keep you in dark till you registered or give out emails, and turned out nothing better.


  22. Dada says:

    I am very satisfied with this broker. Broker is very innovative. Executions are very very fast, platform is very stable and support is also very quick. I only recommend.

  23. Christ says:

    I am really satisfied with this broker. Insta has a perfect offer: contents, support, service, good analysies, fast execution and an excellent bonus program. I recommend.

  24. Rose says:

    The PAMM System is very convenient to use. and has a big opportunity to make your investment safe and big. I am impressed by this broker. Staff are very polite and very fast to respond in my inquiries. I strongly recommend this broker for everyone.

  25. Chou Trieu says:

    Instaforex has had great service, great trade execution so far. The platform is fast and they are the best I’ve used. All orders big and small instantly filled no delays. They have no minimum SL/TP levels which work well for my scalping and EA’s. Forex trading with no minimum deposit, tight spreads as low as 1 pip, high leverage.

  26. Seda says:

    I’ve started trading with this broker for 3 months and so far I have been pleased. The account opening and depositing were quick, and my account manager was quite friendly and helpful which is nice for a change. They also have this chart pattern recognition tool that I use and so far I’ve made many pips with it that I’m quite pleased about.

  27. Hello!

    This is Gertrude, one of the official representative of InstaForex.In behalf of InstaForex, we would like to thank you for choosing us as your broker and for giving us a very satisfactory rate. We will continue to provide an excellent service, have a good day 🙂

    InstaForex Gertrude

  28. Raúl1985 says:

    Trading with InstaForex is a positive and profitable experience for me. I could accumulate earnings a few months after I finished to practice in a demo account. Then, I know my money is on safe as they have the highest level of security. I could pass the different levels of security with the help of customer support. Spreads are very tight and I didn’t have problems to withdraw my money.

  29. Jimmy says:

    Trading with InstaForex is very fruitful and comfortable. Its reps offer a lot of help and they are available all day. Spreads are very competitive and with InstaRebate I can reduce them even more. Now I don’t need to download trading platform because with Webtrader, I can trade directly from my browser.

  30. Trameir L. says:

    Very good broker. Instaforex has the lowest trading cost and very good service with fast withdrawals. Fast execution and reasonable spreads. I can trade with 1000:1 leverage and allow hedging! I have also recommended 2 of my friends and they feel the same way.

  31. Ariadna Mejía says:

    I am very glad trading with InstaForex because I have received all the information and support by their Customer Service. Also, they offer a highly kind of attention as well as different contests and services. I have learned a lot with them and I expect to continue learning and earning money at the same time, so I’ll keep with them and I recommend you to do it too.

  32. Tmothy says:

    This the only broker that provides the highest level of security for the safety of the clients account and information. The two level verification method is very impressive where no one can falsify the documents. Only a legit clients can deposit and withdraw the profits.

  33. Patti says:

    As far as I know, InstaForex is a rather reliable company with good reputation. I personally like the variety of programs and services to support a newcomer. Their website provides sufficient information and their managers are very helpful.

  34. Chris1 says:

    The time difference is tough to deal with but I was glad to be able to open a small account because I just got into Forex Trading. People seem negative but I’m doing well thus far. Between MT5, FineXOs webtrader and MT5 Mobile I’m always in touch. I like the service I find the people reliable and I’m pleased.

  35. Ankawah says:

    I love InstaForex. I invested about $5,000 and now I have about $50,000. My friends say to quit while I’m ahead but that was so much fun I don’t think I can. I could make so much more money. Thus, InstaForex has CFDs available stock indices and huge profits possible. I traded with InstaForex for 5 years. They have many great services such as: fast execution, tight spreads, and bonuses. Definitely, I should go for InstaForex

  36. Colin says:

    I have traded with InstaForex for 3 years and it’s mostly profitably. This broker has good platform and great customer service. My account management team always works hard to resolve my problems. Withdrawals and deposits are fast. Executions are mostly good. I tried other brokers as well but InstaForex is by far my first choice!

  37. Martinez says:

    I started using InstaForex only few days ago but I practised on demo for long time which is good. InstaForex is easy and they have friendly user. Charts are always upgraded and include mountain version. Besides, they have technical analysis, reserch and forcast for each stock. All of them are enough for me to trade forex.

  38. Maddox says:

    Customer satisfaction is what this broker is all about and a good testimony of this is the fact that InstaForex emphasizes on bringing the best advanced technology for electronic access, fund transactions and fundamental broker business elements.

  39. Prado says:

    I would like to say InstaForex is a reliable broker in my region because they have good policy with client relationship. Also, they have comfortable trading conditions with bonus program because all needs for any trader.

  40. Reynolds says:

    InstaForex shines in the world of trading for its genuine services and customer orientation approach. Thus, there have many brokers that offer only a few account funding methods but not leader forex. Options are endless and transactions are fast and reliable. This is surely InstaForex as a genuine broker that rocks because of its customer support

  41. Alrefai says:

    I am happy with the company-no requotes fast execution ridiculously low spreads so low that I have decided to fund my real account. I highly recommend everybody to try their service by opening a welcome account.

  42. Mellow says:

    InstaForex is the best and the greatest company and excellent support and a company registered and licensed in the high financial regulatory bodies. This offer from such prestigious company is an incentive for members

  43. artegaPIP45 says:

    With InstaForex, i could learn too much about psychology of trading and how to face with your risks. I was trading in its demo account for several months and then, when i changed to a real one, i didn’t see the difference. With my trades, i can buy nice gifts in its on line shop and every time i can, i participate in its contests and campaigns.

  44. artegaPIP45 says:

    I’m very happy trading with instaforex. This broker really care for my daily trading and spreads are good to invest in forex market and generate earnings.

  45. Mellow says:

    I was referred to InstaForex by a friend of me and they have always proved trustworthy. I never have had a problem withdrawing or funding. I have compared their quotes with other brokers and InstaForex is close to the real movement of the market. So I decide I will stay with InstaForex.

  46. kjarkasFx says:

    InstaForex provides a good service for newbie and professional traders. PAMM system is ideal for all type of traders. I use this system as an investor and I could get good profits so far. All process is totally transparent and you can communicate with the manager trader in any moment. Withdrawal of profits is easy to make too.

  47. Kikefx71 says:

    I am having a nice experience with InstaForex, their customer client is so proffesional and friendly, they have answered all my emails very quickly, my trading platform is so easy to use and is always available to execute all my orders, I haven’t had any problems so far with it 🙂

  48. Tendy says:

    Also within a few hours of signing up for trading with Instaforex, I received a phone call from my assigned trading experts, who gave good advice, but I really didn’t need it because I am a seasoned trader. The customer service was polite. I will continue to use InstaForex until I find something better.

  49. Youss says:

    I like to trade with InstaForex because of many reasons. For example: when I first signed up, the customer service representative called me within a few hours of my sign up to discuss how to use the platform and they offered tips on what to trade, which was nice. It was nice to talk with a live person over the phone. I will continue to use InstaForex because I have a great first experience with them.

  50. alejandro-carfx says:

    I’m trading with instaforex since April 2011. All this time with them has been very profitable. After practicing in a demo account for several months, i did my first earnings in a real account shortly after. It was easy because this broker has excellent trading conditions, such as spreads, and a wide range of bonuses to increase deposits.

  51. jaime_pip says:

    InstaForex taught me all what i know about forex market. It was easy to start trading with it, with just one dollar i could open my trading account and with flexible leverage, i can increase my margin in instatrader platform.

  52. bestsignal says:

    I have been with InstaForex for 3 months. This is my third broker through my trading journey of 4 years. Initially I was worried about InstaForex but I have not encounter any problems with them so far (3 months only). I have open more than 100+ trades in MT5 and never get any requotes or error message. The best part I feel is that the account manager actually call you up and talk, I mean it is really a good service honestly which not many brokers offer. My review may not be strong since at the date of this writing I am only with this broker for 3 months but all I can say is I am satisfied.

  53. zentrade says:

    I have account with InstaForex and I’m happy with the quality of good service. All orders big and small instantly are filled, I make withdrawal 2 times no problem. MT5 is good, and no requotes account manager. I haven’t had any problem with this broker and their prompt and efficient customer service. The other thing that I like about this broker is its leverage, which is really beneficial to any small investor like me. Overall, I like InstaForex and hope to carry out my future trading with them.

  54. forex4newbies says:

    InstaForex gives me good services and let me get on with the job of trading. I think it is one of the best brokers I trade only EURUSD with 1 pip spread and varies from 2 and more for other currency. They got good platform and fast execution and good customer services

  55. Eurogirls says:

    I would give a positive review to InstaForex. I have enjoyed my time trading with them, and I think their platform is the best i have ever used. I’m happy with them as they are well known here and seem to be focused on service and the client. They reply normally quite quickly to my queries so am satisfied.

  56. “It has more than 300 trading symbols (including many fx pairs, CFDs and futures)”

    Nice, looking for a broker who has a more wider variety of markets – I will definitely check you guys out. I hope they use New York close candles!

  57. Moneyflow says:

    Simply, Instaforex is one the best regulated forex company run by who I know the professional team and execution is guaranteed! They also have helpful 24/7, honest, no requotes, never freeze trading, excellent feedback, low fixed spreads and all deposits/withdrawals on time and quick. I wish the best for InstaForex.

  58. Cathay_fx says:

    Trading in InstaForex is really great moment for me, I always know the important news from this site. It’s best fundamental source for traders

  59. fxprimus says:

    My opinion about Instaforex is the best broker because they have the professional customer service. All the questions and operations are done in a short time

  60. Rafaela says:

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    your contact details though?

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  67. 手機套 says:

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  68. james says:

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