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Steps of Avoiding Distractions When Trading

10 Steps of Avoiding Distractions When Trading

Forex trading can get very exciting, especially when big sums are at stake and the market is highly volatile. Imagine all those young millionaires whose stories and testimonies you ...
importance of forex trading education

Importance of Forex Education

Many a fool has fallen for those suave advertisements that promise you endless instant riches trading currency. They all make it seem so easy buying dollars, Euros, pounds, and pennies ...
Forex Technical & Fundamental Analysis: a Comparison

Forex Technical & Fundamental Analysis: a Comparison

Two of the most commonly heard terms in forex trading are technical and fundamental analysis. Most amateur traders tend to encounter these terms when forex strategies are being discussed. Why ...
10 of the top Forex strategies for 2014

Top 10 forex strategies for 2017

While the Forex market can be dangerous for inexperienced traders, the right trading strategy can make all the difference in the world during this year. MXT Global currently has a competition ...
trading experience with $EURUSD

How I Sucked that Sucker: My trading experience with EUR/USD

Trading forex? I rubbed off that thought the first time it crossed my mind. I hanged on excuses like “I am not trained in Economics or Politics” and “that seems to be a branch ...
forex trading stress

10 Steps to Deal with Forex Trading Stress

Having your real hard earned money on the line and your financial future on a cliff’s edge is enough to drive any strong person into a panic. Forex traders do this every day, with ...
great forex trading quotes

The Great Trading Quotes

Quotes can be hilariously comical yet they still hold the power to make you stop and think over your trading strategy. Some of the greatest traders we have ever known have shared anecdotal ...
trading tool best

How to Choose the Right Tool for Trading

Interested in trading? Then you will need a few necessary tools to enable you contact other traders, get market information, and garner information to assist you make profitable trade ...
How Professional Traders Need To Think To Succeed

How Professional Traders Need To Think To Succeed

How is it that others are so effortlessly making huge profits while you are just barely getting by? Are they trading with more invested capital? Are they using better brokers? Are they ...
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