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trading success tips

Three Top Tips for Successfully Trading Forex

Although forex is often presented as gambling in its purest form, this is a misconception. The game is one of skill as much as luck, which means one very important thing: it is entirely ...
Tips for Knowing When Not To Trade

12 Tips for Knowing When Not To Trade

The foreign exchange market can be a pitfall, especially for beginners. Knowing when not to trade can help you avoid some of these pitfalls. Here are some circumstances under which ...
How to Increase the Winning Probability of Forex Trades

8 Ways to Increase the Winning Probability of Forex Trades

Many have compared forex trading to casino gambling but the fact is that it all depends on your approach. While there are various similarities, it is only gambling if you throw your ...
How to Find, Enter and Manage Forex Trades

How To Find, Enter And Manage Forex Trades

The forex market used to be an exclusive club for the big boys such as banks, financial institutions, governments, and high currency retailers who would set up shop strategically at ...
ADX, dollar index

The Dollar Index and How to Use It in Trading

Dollar index in forex trading assists traders make profitable decisions. Currency traders globally realize that the American Dollar (USD) is the most traded currency in the world. It ...
trade forex and keep day job

How to Trade Forex and Keep Your Day Job

Forex Trading which is also known as FX or Foreign Exchange Trading, has become a hobby for many, a part time job for others, and a full time job for some. Just to show how popular ...
Steps of Avoiding Distractions When Trading

10 Steps of Avoiding Distractions When Trading

Forex trading can get very exciting, especially when big sums are at stake and the market is highly volatile. Imagine all those young millionaires whose stories and testimonies you ...
importance of forex trading education

Importance of Forex Education

Many a fool has fallen for those suave advertisements that promise you endless instant riches trading currency. They all make it seem so easy buying dollars, Euros, pounds, and pennies ...
Forex Technical & Fundamental Analysis: a Comparison

Forex Technical & Fundamental Analysis: a Comparison

Two of the most commonly heard terms in forex trading are technical and fundamental analysis. Most amateur traders tend to encounter these terms when forex strategies are being discussed. Why ...
10 of the top Forex strategies for 2014

Top 10 forex strategies for 2017

While the Forex market can be dangerous for inexperienced traders, the right trading strategy can make all the difference in the world during this year. MXT Global currently has a competition ...
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