How to Trade Forex

Do you have ambitions of trading in the Forex market? And do you really want to learn how to trade Forex. Trading in the Forex market is one of the most thrilling ways of making money.

Many traders have found it interesting as it is one of the best online and home business income sources in the world. However, trading Forex is not as easy as you may be told or as hard as you may figure it out but rather tricky.

There are so many Forex traders who are dangling in the market due to lack of technical ability to spearhead them to the highest limits of profit making. The Forex market require market strategies and you should always stick to your strategy even if you will suffer losses during initial trades.

By sticking to your market strategy and following these technical guides, you will be swift and successful in the market.

1.  Make a Personal Decision

Before you start trading, it will be wise for you to make an informed personal decision as an individual. Many people have failed and withdrawn from the Forex market because they never decided to wholly participate in the trade.

Consult with other traders who have been in the market for a long time. Ask them what it takes to be a successful trader.

As I said earlier, Forex trade is a complex institution and it needs persistence. You might make a loss today and tomorrow you make profits beyond your expectations. So before you enter the Forex market, make an informed decision.

2.  Learn the Basics

After deciding that now you want to be a Forex trader, the next step is to learn the basics in the market. Start by learning the simple things done and the basic terms used. This is where most traders slip as some of them want to make quick money.

It is better for you to understand that your patience will pay back in abundance. Consider building your foundation in the market by gradually learning and mastering the basics used by traders in the market.

This will help you acquire the experience and the trading strategy a successful Forex trader requires.

3.  Choose Your Trading Currency

Consider choosing the major trading currencies. Try to make logical predictions on your choice of currency for example if for the last two years the US dollar has been weakening and continues to weaken then you may consider not trading the US dollar.

The second part of currency trading choice is that always consider selling your trade currency to countries with weaker economies. The economy of a country will translate to the strength of their currency.

Look at the political stability of the country. Countries with political instability have weaker economies. This is because it is not easy for the governments of these countries to implement economic policies to improve the strength of their currency.

Most of the countries’ resources are used in trying to restore stability and citizens have limited time to participate in economic activities.

It will also be important for you to consider the trading positions of countries. Some countries export more than they import and this translates to the strength of their currencies.

When a country exports more than it imports then it is well positioned in the international market hence has a strong currency.

You can also try to find out more about the economic reports of these countries. If the country is affected by economic factors such as inflation and unemployment, then definitely it has a weaker currency.

4.  Look for a Broker

Try as much as you can to find a trusted broker. While looking for a broker, there are some factors you need to consider.

Ensure your broker has been in the market for at least 10 years. Experience is very important and trust me 10 years is enough to acquire it. Check if your broker is regulated by any key oversight body.

Your broker should also prove that he or she voluntarily submits to the government oversight. This will assure you that he or she is the right broker for your business activities in the Forex market.

Click here to read more on how to choose the best forex broker.

5.  Open Online Account

Before you open an online account, there are some of the transactional obligations you need to be clear with.

You have to know how much your bank will charge you for transferring money to and from your account to a Forex account. Ensure your currency trading online services are friendly to your customers and offer transparent and easy transactions.

You can then request for information on how to open online account. There are two types of online accounts. You can decide to open a personal account whereby you will be managing the account yourself or open a managed account whereby your broker will be managing transactions on your behalf.

You can fill in your details through your e-mail or you can also request to download the files. Make sure you fill in the correct details.

6.  Analyze the Market

At this point, you should consider yourself ready to trade. You should start by analyzing the trade market. There are three ways of analyzing the market. You can use technical analysis which includes charts or historical data based on previous market events.

Then you can also use fundamental analysis which includes looking at the fundamental information to guide you in making decisions.

Lastly, you can use sentiment analysis which will help you analyze the mood of the market. This type of analysis will enable you make informed guesses when making decisions.

7.  Place an Order

After analyzing the market, you can now place an order. You can choose one of the three types of orders based on your interest.

You can place a market order whereby you instruct you broker to buy or sell currencies according to the current price.

You can also place limit order whereby you instruct your broker to buy or sell at a specific currency price.

You can also make the third order which is the stop orders whereby you instruct your broker to buy and sell currency above the currency prices of the current market price.


Engaging in the business of trading currencies, either part time or full time, is not difficult. You will always find it interesting and profitable to trade forex.

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    We have to use a technical analysis that will give us the best trading results. This is why we need to use a trading strategy that is more successful for us in the long run.

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