eBook Review: The Definitive Guide To Forex Binary Options

Forex currency market is one of the biggest financial markets with daily trading volumes exceeding more than $4 billion and is open on 24/7 basis. Binary options are an alternative way for investors to trade against Forex currencies.

Though Forex binary options are somewhat expensive than leveraged spot forex trading, the risk/reward profile is much better since the maximum potential loss is capped and the returns are also very good which can be as high as 80% of your initial investment.

You might have heard about binary options and Forex currency trading, but still many investors are not aware of Forex binary options and how to trade using it.

Are you a beginner and looking for best ways to make money using Forex binary options? You should download eBook titled “The Definitive Guide to Forex Binary Options” to get an understanding of how to start trading with Forex binary options.

There are wide range of asset classes available for trading under binary options such as commodities, Forex currency pairs, Stocks, Market indices etc.

Among all these asset classes, Forex currency is the most popular asset class for retail investors because of its high liquidity and leveraging options.

Guide to forex binary options

Forex currency trading involves exchanging one currency for another, for example exchanging US dollars against Euro and making profits based on the difference in exchange rate.

This eBook explains the various factors which impact the exchange rate and what are the optimal ways to trade Forex binary options.

The eBook is categorized into different sections such as Introduction to Forex trading, Why to invest and how to invest in Forex Binary options, Beginner and advanced trading strategies for Forex Binary options, hedging your spot forex position with binary options, Anyoption and Forex Binary options etc.

At first, there is a comprehensive introduction about Forex trading and binary options trading followed by detailed explanation about various terms involved in Forex trading such as Pips, Spread, Base and Counter Currency etc. for beginners to get idea about Forex Currency trading.

The eBook also explains how to trade Forex binary options such as choosing the right asset, how to place the trade and trading the direction of the market.

If you want to become a successful investor, you should follow certain trading strategies and be disciplined in making your investment.

You should never invest all your money in a single trade and this will only result in big loss. This eBook explains various investment strategies that can be used to make good profits with Forex binary options which can be helpful for newbies without any market knowledge.

The beginner investment trading strategies are explained clearly such as Trend Trading strategy, Hedging, MACD Entry trading strategy etc. By following these trading strategies, you can increase your profit margins by keeping your risk at minimum.

There is also another set of trading strategies explained for intermediate users who are already familiar with forex market and binary options.

These strategies include multiple time frames trading, scalping with binary options and Trend Reversals identification techniques. The eBook also explains how to hedge your spot forex position with binary options.

Hedging can help you minimize the losses that can occur from forex trading by opening short-term binary positions and maximize your profits.

The book also presents the use of anyoption trading platform which is one of the most advanced and popular platform for trading binary options.

The platform has various useful tools such as Economic Calendar, Get Quote, Sentiment Indicator, Profit line, Market Quote Board, Advanced Trading charts, Daily market signals etc.

There are certain things which has not been covered in this eBook like how to create an effective trading plan, how to make use of technical indicators, risks behind binary options trading and advanced trading strategies.

It could have been better if these topics were also covered as part of this eBook but still it can be a handy guide for beginners who wish to start trading with forex binary options.

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